Hey, I’ve been reaching out to writing blogs and submitting ARC copies to get reviews and in doing so also did some author interviews. The first one was posted today and is here. So pop on over to that blog to see my interview if you like. thanks for followingContinue Reading

Hello everyone this will be a general update on how things are happening post. So lets start with the first thing. MomoCon MomoCon happened this past weekend, and I have to say, it was quite insane. Not for my panel, that was actually quite low key, but the turnout overall.Continue Reading

Hello everyone! Another update, I will be hosting a panel about new writers entering the publishing world at Atlanta Georgia’s Momocon, a fan convention about anime, games, comics and fantasy. Joining me at this panel is YA fantasy writer J. Neira, author of the upcoming novel Raven’s Dream. As wellContinue Reading

So LONG month. Very long month. So this is a short post but it’s an update. Book Release TLDR: Book release has been pushed back to next year. So long version, editing takes a while and I am going to go for multiple edits because anyone who’s read my previousContinue Reading

I froze, wide-eyed, as the two figures appeared in the clearing. Wait, calm down, analyze, and they’re fighting now. The masked Kiri nin was no one I recognized, male from their build, and ANBU, one of the nondescript masks associated with them. Which I knew from Zabuza was something thatContinue Reading