“Are you all certain?” Clockwork’s voice had that quality that assured everyone present that he knew the answer, but was asking anyway. The group surrounding him was an eclectic lot. Ghosts from all over the realms, some known to Danny, some not, as well as one of his best friends,Continue Reading

Hello everyone! I’ve had a busy month, promoting at cons and working on my next book but that’s not the subject of today’s post. Now I know some of you haven’t picked up the first book in my series, Adventurer’s Overture on Amazon, which no shade, money can be tight.Continue Reading

Hello everyone who visits this page who aren’t bots oddly posting comments on specifically chapter 5 of A Quirk In Space. And Happy New Year. Been a hell of a season, but now I’m ready to drop my new book and some event information.I’ll be at the 2023 Steampunk ExpoContinue Reading

And there it is, last episode of season 1 of 13 Minutes Or Less. Been a heck of a thing, mostly just herding people to do the voice acting cause quite frankly I do not have that much range. But it was pretty fun, editing audio only is oddly soothingContinue Reading

Now available in ebook and paperback, my book is finally here! You can get it on Amazon, or if your in the Atlanta area, I’ll be selling physical copies at my booth at Conjuration next weekend. Post Views: 133Continue Reading