Chapter 1 The corridors of the St. Anne were much more narrow than I expected on such a large ship. Which was rather comforting as I explored it’s depths. The walls were painted a nice off blue with some grey striping down the cooridor. A contrast to the more earthyContinue Reading

Prologue The scream that pierced the air was followed by many more. It might have been the worst of it, but it was just a preamble to chaos. The people of the island were not used to rogue pokemon. The local pokemon were either so weak that they were notContinue Reading

“Are you all certain?” Clockwork’s voice had that quality that assured everyone present that he knew the answer, but was asking anyway. The group surrounding him was an eclectic lot. Ghosts from all over the realms, some known to Danny, some not, as well as one of his best friends,Continue Reading

Chapter 5: Obstacles “Koichi-san, is something the matter?” Izuku stared at his volunteer big brother and for a few moments it looked like he was blanking out but he blinked a few times before looking down and seeing him again. “What, oh why do you think so?” Koichi got someContinue Reading

Oobleck was silent even as emotions flurried off his body. He didn’t show any strange body language, his mouth wasn’t hanging open or anything comical. Instead he just sat there quietly as the sun continued to set and eventually the sky went from orange, to purple, to finally a deepContinue Reading