The Purple Fisherman: Prologue


The scream that pierced the air was followed by many more. It might have been the worst of it, but it was just a preamble to chaos.

The people of the island were not used to rogue pokemon. The local pokemon were either so weak that they were not a threat, or owned by owners of shops who used it for their craft. This wasn’t an island for trainers, breeders, or any type of competition. Unused to conflict those who saw the wrath of the dragons who rose from the sea harbor had no answer to the problem.

Those who set their own pokemon to deal with the threat were quickly defeated, the occupation of those who owned this islands pokemon put them at a severe disadvantage. There wasn’t even a center where an owner of chansey might have been able to intervene.

So the destruction unchecked at the harbor caused the real threat to reveal itself. Because as bad as this would have been on a normal day, today was the first day of a three day festival celebrating the islands craft. The streets which while not usually unoccupied had swelled to capacity with the influx of people. While some of the visitors were trainers who may have been able to deal with the pokemon at the harbor the panic caused those who could not to ride through the streets unchecked.

The shouts were lost in the deafening sounds of footsteps and shattering glass as street stalls and displays were destroyed with little resistance at the herd of people rushing inland to find safety.

Eventually the gyrados at the harbor were taken care of. The damages were mostly to the ships parked there as well as the pier were nothing however to the damages caused by those most startled by their appearance.

The Sea Dragon incident was one of the most remembered tragedies of Sunburst Island, putting numerous shops out of business. As well as changing everything for one unlucky girl.

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