Thump! Floyd jolted into consciousness, bitter cold assaulting his exposed flesh. Instinctively, he tried to pull a blanket closer around him, turning on the pile of cloth he’d been using as a blanket, about to curse his brother for stealing the cover off his bed. It was only when heContinue Reading

The dead man had been in the stocks for three days now. His clothing was more like a sail that clung weakly to him every time the wind blew. Underneath, his skin was no more secured, having been cut to ribbons when his various organs were removed. His hands, legs,Continue Reading

“I see it!”  Amber stood on the seat next to the carriage driver as the horses clopped along the winding dirt road. Her hands grasped the small lip on the edge of the seat that prevented the driver from simply sliding out if the horse made too sharp a turn.Continue Reading

Hello everyone, time for an update. So I haven’t been writing fanfiction and that’s because, I’ve been promoting. What you may or may not know is self published writers tend to accumulate groups of people, either other writers, fans or interested parties who help them manage their marketing, beta readership,Continue Reading