So if anyone’s curious what I’ve been doing this last month, the answer is, fretting mostly. But also, organizing things to make for the month of October, an urban fantasy podcast. It’s a very simple premise, a pizza girl unknowingly encounters the supernatural on her delivery routes. Here’s the firstContinue Reading

Hello everyone! Here is the promotion video for my book that is coming out in a months time. Time for some updates. First off, the giveaway, which, I’m trying to do, but no one I contact on my mailing list has given me any replies so I’m trying for theContinue Reading

Review time, this time it isn’t a novel or web novel, it’s a movie and one I dislike! This isn’t a recent movie, but it’s one I saw in theatres and it shocked me just how bad it was. But I’ll cover the key points as to why this isContinue Reading

Chapter 5: Obstacles “Koichi-san, is something the matter?” Izuku stared at his volunteer big brother and for a few moments it looked like he was blanking out but he blinked a few times before looking down and seeing him again. “What, oh why do you think so?” Koichi got someContinue Reading

So yeah, this is cancelled, not because I don’t want to give these away, but because actively so far it seems no one cares. No one has joined my mailing list since this has begun two months ago and moreover, those ON my mailing list who I have tried toContinue Reading

Oobleck was silent even as emotions flurried off his body. He didn’t show any strange body language, his mouth wasn’t hanging open or anything comical. Instead he just sat there quietly as the sun continued to set and eventually the sky went from orange, to purple, to finally a deepContinue Reading

So! New art, I got this a few days ago, this is the official cover art for the other novel who’s manuscript I finished, Pyreflies. As you’ve seen from the sneak peak first chapter, this is a horror fantasy novel with the two main characters Keda, the young girl, andContinue Reading

Chapter 190 “So this is the contract we will be working off of?” Fushin sat with us in a tent as soon as he regained consciousness. They’d been keeping most of the now diminished group drugged and gagged. “It’s also proof of your involvement, and a way to ensure ifContinue Reading

Hey, I’ve been reaching out to writing blogs and submitting ARC copies to get reviews and in doing so also did some author interviews. The first one was posted today and is here. So pop on over to that blog to see my interview if you like. thanks for followingContinue Reading