When the strip mall security arrived most of the crowd had dispersed, though Izuku stayed glued to Koichi’s side asking questions, muttering to himself and, when he got his bag back, pulling out a notebook and scribbling down notes about his quirk. Honestly the kid could speak at quite aContinue Reading

Hello everyone this will be a general update on how things are happening post. So lets start with the first thing. MomoCon MomoCon happened this past weekend, and I have to say, it was quite insane. Not for my panel, that was actually quite low key, but the turnout overall.Continue Reading

Chapter 189 It didn’t take much convincing when Chino came to, mostly because she didn’t really have any other options. After a quick rundown of her abilities, Chino seemed to be a pretty good fighter, having apparently been trained in an arena similar to those kids the Yakuza were fighting,Continue Reading

Chino lay crumpled on the floor, blood trailing down her face and one eye swollen shut. She coughed a few times before rolling over as I reached out for her. Suigetsu grabbed my hand and pulled me back. I didn’t get a word out before his other arm extended outContinue Reading

Chapter 187 “No.” The word came from Fushin, or blue haired, yellow eyed wind dude, and apparently the leader of this little group. “You haven’t even listened to what we have to offer.” I countered. “You work for Kiri?” He said. “Well, kind of, it’s complicated.” “Are you or areContinue Reading

Hello everyone! Another update, I will be hosting a panel about new writers entering the publishing world at Atlanta Georgia’s Momocon, a fan convention about anime, games, comics and fantasy. Joining me at this panel is YA fantasy writer J. Neira, author of the upcoming novel Raven’s Dream. As wellContinue Reading