Writer’s Panel at MomoCon 2022

Hello everyone! Another update, I will be hosting a panel about new writers entering the publishing world at Atlanta Georgia’s Momocon, a fan convention about anime, games, comics and fantasy.

Joining me at this panel is YA fantasy writer J. Neira, author of the upcoming novel Raven’s Dream.

Goths and clocks gallore.

As well as Greg Burnham writer and editor for comic books Tuskegee Heirs and The Search for Sadiqah

Cover for Volume 0.

MomoCon is during Memorial Day Weekend over at the Georgia Congress Center, so pop on by if you’re in town. We’ll be holding the panel on Sunday at 1pm. So if you look us up in the schedule you can come see me and two other talented authors. I’ll also be announcing the new release date for Adventurer’s Overture, so that’ll be fun.

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