New Year, Writing, and Comment Bots

So, new year and I’ve been, writing mostly.

Well more specifically, I’m writing another manuscript, for a new story, in the same setting. This is for a couple of reasons.

One: I can’t write a sequel to AO yet, because it hasn’t been edited (this is a planned series, but you shouldn’t write full series without developmental edits because, things can change in the editing process, crucial things, that effect plotlines).

Two: Because I need take some time away from that manuscript before I can do more self editing. You get to close to a project, you miss things. Need some distance and fresh eyes.

Three: Really vibe with this story concept, even if it’s a slightly different directly than AO (AO is fantasy adventure, this new story, is light horror.)

Four: I need something else to do while I save up for a professional editor. For those who don’t know, professional edits can run from 2-6k USD. Which, yeah, that’ll take a bit for me to get saved up. I have a full time job, but it doesn’t pay THAT well.

Five: I plan on releasing a good few books in this setting, some of them companions, some of them separate series, but regardless just having more than one book under my name on Amazon, increases my visibility to search engine gods which is pretty damn important for being an indie author. And I will almost certainly do all this independent because, well, I’m writing female targeted YA novels with no romantic subplot.

Now the other thing I need to talk about is, bots.

Specifically comment bots. For some odd reason, specifically Chapter 5 of my AU/OC My Hero Academia fanfic A Quirk In Space, has been targeted by auto generated spambots, which I can tell immediately because all the comments make no sense for a comment about fanfiction. They’d PROBABLY make sense on informational sorts of blog posts or opinion blog posts, which is probably why they might go unnoticed elsewhere. But no, they’re popping up on my fanfiction posts and I’ve been deleting them thusly.

I’m not entirely sure how I can prevent them from doing this or what weird algorithm has decided that was the most appropriate place on my blog to put those. But that’s just a thing.

As for fan fiction. I have ideas for how I’m gonna continue it, though as always I won’t be publishing A Quirk In Space, or Big Brother on I’ll post Plum In the Dark and Sugar Plums there because that’s where most my original audience comes from, but the My Hero Academia stuff is blog exclusive.

So that’s all for now, thank you for all your support so far, and I’ll try to keep you posted on all things happening.

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