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So LONG month. Very long month. So this is a short post but it’s an update.

Book Release

TLDR: Book release has been pushed back to next year.

So long version, editing takes a while and I am going to go for multiple edits because anyone who’s read my previous work knows, my grammar is not the best and I want to release a quality book. So this will go through a few edits which will take longer than expected. Early next year is the current projection with how things are going. In the meantime I’m also writing another series set in the same world, which will probably be released later in the year. So I’ll give you updates on that when that is done.


TLDR: I’m still writing fanfiction, but there will be delays because of mental health and work.

This is what I know a lot of you come to this site for and I haven’t posted in a while. Well the first reason is mental health. So people who’ve followed me for a while that I’ve written fanfiction manic pace before, but that’s because it was kind of a mania. For those who don’t know, I have ADHD, which when it comes to projects hobbies, is a bit like Manic Depressive Disorder. In that I will have manic states, or hyperfocusing periods, where I will create a LOT of content in a relatively short amount of time, or I will create NO content for long periods of time. There is NO inbetween because I am undiagnosed, uninsured and thus, unmedicated.

There is also the other reason, I have a day job. So I don’t work direct sales anymore, but I do work in an environment that sells goods and as such, said environment is about to get REALLY busy for the holiday season. This five times a week, almost full time work, so it’s very likely once the rush hits, I’ll be, tired, basically. It’s just that simple. I will create when I can, but there will be some delay, because this is fanfiction and so no one pays me for it.

Going Forward

So this is it for this update and I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten so far. I’ll try to keep you guys updated, if only to assure you I’m not dead.

Will try to update soon.

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