Updates and Promo Video

Hello everyone! Here is the promotion video for my book that is coming out in a months time.

Time for some updates.

First off, the giveaway, which, I’m trying to do, but no one I contact on my mailing list has given me any replies so I’m trying for the third time, just to giveaway an ereader cover. So for anyone who hasn’t entered yet, well, just put your email in the side box to join the mailing list and confirm in your email. There’s still three ecovers up for grabs.

Other updates, new project! I’m making a podcast. A slice of life audio drama, which will have more information later. It’s a multi-episode set of vignettes surrounding a pizza delivery girl and her unusual, somewhat spooky deliveries. So more information on that later.

As for other events, in November, I’ll be at Conjuration a Georgia based fantasy convention so that’ll be fun. I’ll have a booth with physical copies of my book for say. As for that, that’s all for this update.

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