New Year, New Books, New Events

Hello everyone who visits this page who aren’t bots oddly posting comments on specifically chapter 5 of A Quirk In Space. And Happy New Year.

Been a hell of a season, but now I’m ready to drop my new book and some event information.
I’ll be at the 2023 Steampunk Expo in Atlanta GA in February as well as doing a book signing at the Book Exchange later that month.

My new book, Pyreflies drops on February 10th, 2023. So that’s exciting.

I also hope to get the next adventure for Amber and Co. in the second book in the Song of the Broken Series out, Hymn of the Dead, by the end of the year. But that’ll take some doing.

Anyway, that’s all for updates. I hope ya’ll are healthy, happy, and wearing your masks because COVID isn’t over, and it’s not the only sickness kicking around.

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