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  1. A good chunk of authors produce a bunch of worldbuilding, etc…, notes that do not have a direct use in the final story. There’s a temptation to say that this is wasted if it is not used somewhere. If it isn’t in the final story, it isn’t wasted, it served its purpose by helping the author in some way.

    I only go into ‘lore junkie’ mode after reading at least part of the story, and then falling in love with the worldbuilding while I am reading.

    With world building, once you have a few commentators, you can get questions about things you have not considered, that have no impact on the story.

    It seems obvious that any ‘helpful’ suggestions about doing it differently would not be helpful. At this point, I can’t understand enough of the ‘design intent’ behind the world building to comment on what is and is not effective at the intended purpose.

    Story I know more or less how to comment on.

    I don’t know what to do with lore before I’ve actually seen the story.

    As for questions of what lore I would like to see? I can see myself asking about sewers or looms or warship classes or trade good movements, or any number of things which may or may not have interesting answers.

    So, if asked now which bits of lore I want to see first, I get confused, and can only say that I want to see the story.

    I’m sorry if this is not a useful answer to your question.

    1. Author

      Well I can’t give you the story, as it’s not done yet. The main reason why the misc lore option was added is because I want to know if there’s anything I missed with my current audience. I’m sure there will be more questions once more is released about the story. After all this is the first book in a series. If you keep around I’ll definitely answer you me questions after the release as well ^^ (that aren’t spoilers for future books).

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