A Quirk in Space Chapter 9

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  1. Thank you.

  2. Its good

  3. Thanks.

    I’m liking this. I have an interest in seeing what happens next.

    As a reader, I’m going through several interesting lines of speculation.

  4. Man, I’ve loved the main story, plus the RWBY cross, but I really wanna see more of this, I haven’t read vigilantes though, but that doesn’t hinder my understanding outside those few characters.

    If it’s up to reader response to get the ball going I really hope more people come here cuz I needs moar.

    Ume is going to school, and of course it’s gonna be UA. I need to see all the great character interaction with our sour Plum.

    Hope nothing else comes up that’s problematic for you and you can focus on what you want to do

    1. Author

      Well that’s good to hear, but keep in mind this story is more a thought experiment than a planned thing. I’ll also probably post new chapters here if you’re really curious.

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