So yeah, this is cancelled, not because I don’t want to give these away, but because actively so far it seems no one cares. No one has joined my mailing list since this has begun two months ago and moreover, those ON my mailing list who I have tried to inquire to send these to through random raffle have not responded at all so I can’t actually give them the prize. I’ve tried this multiple times, and while I understand that there is a lot of fishing and scam activity I truly was just trying to giveaway the book covers.

So we’re just not finishing this. If you come to Conjuration in Atlanta, I’ll be giving them away there.

Hello everyone, today I have a great announcement. To coincide with the upcoming release of my first novel Adventurer’s Overture I’ll be holding a sweepstakes to give away free ereader covers! Each of these are magnetic magic themed ereader covers that are universal in size.

This is not a Kindle ad, it’s just what I had on hand.

How to enter?

There is only one requirement for the sweepstakes and that is to join my mailing list. To do so, you have to do is input your email into the side bar on this website prompting you to do so. After that you will get an email asking to confirm you joining it, if you do, you’ll then be entered to the drawings.

How long is this sweepstakes?

The sweepstakes will be from August 5th to October 27th, the eve of the release of my ebook.

When will prizes be given out?

While the sweepstakes will take place over three months, there will be a drawing monthly on the last Friday of each month. The first person drawn will get the first choice out of the four possible ereader covers and said cover will be removed as choices from the sweepstakes for later drawings. Though there are four total so everyone will have a choice of at least two at the end.

What other rules apply?

The basics, no multiple email accounts, no asking for money instead. The full specifics are in a pdf here.

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