Review time, this time it isn’t a novel or web novel, it’s a movie and one I dislike! This isn’t a recent movie, but it’s one I saw in theatres and it shocked me just how bad it was. But I’ll cover the key points as to why this isContinue Reading

Chapter 5: Obstacles “Koichi-san, is something the matter?” Izuku stared at his volunteer big brother and for a few moments it looked like he was blanking out but he blinked a few times before looking down and seeing him again. “What, oh why do you think so?” Koichi got someContinue Reading

So yeah, this is cancelled, not because I don’t want to give these away, but because actively so far it seems no one cares. No one has joined my mailing list since this has begun two months ago and moreover, those ON my mailing list who I have tried toContinue Reading