Content Update – Book Announcement

Hello everyone who’s been dropping by, it’s been nice to see you. So while I know most of you have been stopping by to read my fanfiction I’d like to redirect for a moment about what this platform is for.

I’m writing a novel.

The novel is called for the moment, Adventurer’s Overture.

It’s about two girls in a fantasy setting of my design learning and going through a city which has something dark happening in the background.

This novel is something I hope to publish at the end of the year and I’ll be posting content related to that intermittently with chapter updates for my fanfiction as well.

What does this all mean? Well it means I’d like some of your support with my novel if you’d give it. I’ll be releasing parts of the first chapter, starting next week. I understand if you just simply want to continue reading fanfiction, but I’ll also be using my efforts here to grow my fanbase as much as I can in regards for that.

Thank you for you all your support, and I will have a new posting with the story next week.

  • Signed Lynette


  1. Yeah, I’m definitely willing to read original fiction.

    Synopsis sounds like it might be within the range of my taste. (My taste is a fairly wide range.)

    I can’t promise that I will have the sense for feedback beyond encouragement.

    1. Following up, so you don’t think my interest is flagging.

      I understand about unexpected difficulties or delays. Best of luck!

  2. This is going to be awesome, I can tell.

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