Busy Summer and Gen Con

Hello everyone, time for an update.

So I haven’t been writing fanfiction and that’s because, I’ve been promoting. What you may or may not know is self published writers tend to accumulate groups of people, either other writers, fans or interested parties who help them manage their marketing, beta readership, social media, booking events, etc. This is known as a street team and helps relieve the burden on the author. Now this is great support, but the thing is, I don’t have a street team. This is all, on me.

I’m responsible for all of that, on top of producing more works. I have to appear at all events I book and do all the set up, usually with the help of either my sister or my spouse. Which means, I’ve been busy and will continue to be busy.

This weekend I’ll be volunteering at Momo Con as a volunteer.

Weekend after, book signing/performance of my first book at the Book Nook in Marietta.

After that, the Sweet Honey Artisans Market in Lawreneville.

Two weeks after that, the Freedom Festival in Lafayette, GA.

Two weeks after that, my book drops and I have two more weekends of book signings.

Then I have to get ready for Gen Con, which I have a full booth in the author’s avenue in August. So I am booked solid for the summer. This is also while maintaining a day job I work every weekday.

So that’s my update for now, I’ll try to get some writing in eventually, but it might be a bit.

Thanks for reading, Lynette.

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