Welcome to Pondril, a city rich with history and faith.

Built a hundred and fifty years ago on the remains of a previous settlement lost to the demon incursion, Pondril was renamed to the surname of the lead family that held out until unexpected help arrived from the sea.

An inland port of great prosperity, Pondril is one of the eight cities dedicated to the gods, in this case, the goddess of water and art, Aoiria. The lake connected to the river which the ships from the sea come in is appropriately named Aoiria’s Tear, and it is host to a priory to the goddess of water where young orphans are raised to become their faithful.

Unusually it’s one of the few settlements where the local castle of nobility are set outside the walls of the city proper, instead, the castle has it’s own set of walls which at it’s back is fortified by the Falwer mountain from which the stone used to create it and much of the old city was carved.

With a rich history and one of the best trade ports in regards to moving goods from the deep mountains, Pondril attracts a large amount of people each year especially during the harvest where it hosts it’s yearly festival.

That’s my blurb about Pondril, the city my book Adventurer’s Overature is set.

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