Races In Song of the Broken

The world as we know it is a vast place with lots of different people. The land of Kameria proper has a several mortal races as well as one or two immortal ones.


The most wide spread race, humans are known for their ability and more promptly their willingness to live almost everywhere. From the mountains, to islands, plains, swamps, the side of volcanoes, arid lands, fertile lands, even up in the sky, you can find them everywhere. Their regional variants and dialects vary but that is the one common theme for all of them.


Found mostly in the north the caves and the mountains, this stout race is a relative to humanity, not that anyone should bring that up because of how fiercely they’ll deny it. Dwarves are an innovative lot, able to take very little and make it stretch beyond the bounds of imagination, sometimes through sheer stubborn grit. Their cities are efficient and economical their use of space and of resources made sure nothing goes to waste. Even the wealthiest of dwarves can appear humble in their preferences for smaller simpler dwellings while their money is used elsewhere.


Another northern dweller though more spread out, you won’t find any race more reliable than a gnoll. Living in large communal units it is unheard of to see a gnoll without one of it’s own ilk. They reside in earthen mounds that they carve out into their own family units that are warm and insolated from the northern winters. A side effect of their preferred living arrangements is a very healthy mining industry when they find deposits and set up mines, of which they’ll trade with other races freely.


A southern race who claim most of the marshland to the south in large numbers, but most anywhere else in small numbers lizardkin like to move about wherever they like. Their society is broken up into several smaller factions who roughly border each other. Despite this splintered nature, they don’t war with each other as much as before. Instead they compete greatly with each other in contests to show off their individual factions skills and superiority. This highly competitive nature is what spurs them to explore other regions looking to find new skills and techniques for which they could show up other factions.


Outside of the wastes in which they make their homes not many orcs are seen among the continent. They are a fiercely territorial people who slay almost any creature that gets too close to the wastes even if they come for more friendly means or to in act trade. When they are seen on the continent they are terse and because of their fierce some appearance generally unapproachable which seems to suit them just fine as they only seem to deal with other races if absolutely necessary.


One of the two residents of the sky continent harpies are a race that are never seen on the land proper. Like the orcs they are one of the two races that do not engage with trade. They have their own lands set aside for them on the Sky Continent which none of the human inhabitants dare take from them. Though there is understanding between them and the humans of the sky continent, no one else seems to have a good grasp of their culture.


Whispered traits more rumor than fact, fae or forest folk as they are commonly called are well known the exist throughout the continent though details about them seem to change or contradict depending on who you talk too. Ranging from being fickle and cruel, to kind and generous, the only thing that can be agreed is their powerful magics make them akin to forces of nature if slighted.


Another mystery, elves are the rarest of any of the races on the continent. Almost unheard in the north, and only occasionally glimpsed somewhere near the seas in the south it’s hard for some people to believe they actually exist at all.

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