The Cons of Short and Long Hair

Almost everyone has hair, and everyone has hair troubles, so I’m going to talk about that.

Let me preface this, my hair is long (as in past my shoulder blades), wavy (a gentle wave), and thick (like when the guy in princess diaries broke the handle off his wooden brush). It is also what I’d think is a pretty color.

It is also a massive pain in my butt.

Long hair is often sensationalized in the media as being seductive, versatile, feminine, and wild, but it doesn’t really go over the pitfalls of maintenance. So I’m using this blog to talk about the cons of hair, long and short, based on myself and my husband. Starting with long hair.

Not shown, the sheer amount of shampoo, combing, product, and number of things that hair has probably knocked into or gotten tangled up on.
  1. Long Hair Gets Everywhere

Humans like most furry things, shed, a LOT. Humans lose about eighty hairs a day, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is. Especially since, if your hair is long, those hairs don’t go away.

In fact, in my experience about ninety percent of my tangles are from the fact that the hairs that should have left my head have decided to mingle and stick with all the other hairs. Sometimes they bunch up which causes them to tangle, or sometimes they’re just stuck to the natural hair oil running down my scalp. This is why whenever I shower, I also comb my hair to help with the process. Because when my hair is being cleaned is the time when most of these freeloaders decide to come on out.

Yes I have a drain stopper for these hairs which I must clean out after every shower. This isn’t gross, this is just the reality of long hair. If your hair is getting everywhere, that’s just how it is, no amount of product will stop your hairs from coming out. It doesn’t mean your hairline is receding; it’s just doing the natural thing it’s supposed to do. This is why you brush and comb every day.

  1. Long Hair Gets Caught On Everything

Don’t have to explain this, if you have long hair, this has happened to you. Be it dangling earrings, headphones, in ear buds, with cords, in hair ties, if it can be tangled, it will tangle with your long hair. 

Heidi Klum, facing the real challenge after all that styling, revolving doors.

Tying back long hair only works short term because honestly hair ties ain’t that great at their job. You need pins, sprays, and a miracle to keep all your hair in place so it doesn’t get caught up by whatever you happen to have nearby. Which brings me to the next point.

  1. Pulling On Long Hair, Hurts

I’m not even sure why, but any weight at any point of my hair hurts like someone has their fingers directly pulling at my scalp (cause that’s basically what it is). My hair is again very thick, if you pull on my hair at all, I’m coming with you because that’s a real tight grip. This is one reason I don’t watch kids without putting my hair up, especially very young kids who don’t really understand cause and effect when they pull hair. Heck this is why I tie my hair up before I go to bed so my husband does accidentally put his weight on it while I’m sleeping.

Then there’s this problem. The pain is real folks.

In the end it’s a massive pain but there are still some other pitfalls for other hair.

Short Hair Pitfalls

  1. Short Hair Gets Everywhere

It’s the same but subtly different, because the hair is shorter, it falls out more freely which means your more likely to get an even coat of it on your everything be it clothing, furniture, floors, carpeting, it’s everywhere. You don’t even notice it at all, until you actually do some sweeping and then there it is, in a giant pile of what the heck is that?

The short hairs aren’t being held back by the buddy system long hair has, so it’s coming out and it’s going everywhere.

  1. Short Hair Is Harder To Consistantly Maintain

This is something I’ve noticed in general. When you want to maintain a short haircut you have to either cut it yourself, or go to a barber A LOT. It takes WAY longer for you to notice any change in long hair than in short hair. In fact it feels like the shorter the hair, the FASTER it grows out. Overall it makes it a pain to keep a consistent look if that’s what you want. Especially if parts of your hair grow faster than the other ones (which is definitely a thing).

Hair right after cut.
Him two weeks later.
  1. Short Hair Hurts You

I don’t know about other people’s short hair, but my husband’s short hair is tiny little daggers just waiting to strike. Which is bad, because it gets everywhere! My husband on at least three separate occasions has stepped on one of his own hairs which I have then had to use tweezers to get out of his foot. They are sharp as hell for some odd reason.

It doesn’t stop with his head hair, if my husband doesn’t shave for two days, his face rubbing on my skin feels like steel wool which for the life of me has NO idea why this is the case. This isn’t some sort of evolutionary trait, I’m not sure how having prickly facial hair would factor in human evolution. Yet here we are.

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