On Authors and WordPress Sites

Welcome and salutations to the first post for my wordpress site. So there’s a lot of reasons I chose to make a wordpress site in lieu of programming a site from scratch. Keep in mind, in this case it’s not inability. I have in fact made function websites out of pure coding, including creating all the graphics, aligning the boxes so they’re just right, making menus, coding forms all to create a comprehensive and attractive website.

And I have to say, it’s some of the most tedious work I have EVER done.

I’m not here to disparage people who enjoy coding, I’m just not one of them. I suppose part of that is because I only know HTML and CSS. I am well aware that those aren’t the only options, that there are TONS of programs and coding languages which are perhaps more forgiving and less clunky. However it’s not really a skillset I want to donate that much of my time too. I learned to code in college because I had too. It was in fact a graduation requirement for me to both take a front end coding class and to use those skills to create a personal website to display projects I worked in school.

Ironically, I also had to learn how to use wordpress in a different class and frankly, it is much faster just to use wordpress. Sometimes it’s tricky, I won’t lie. Sometimes things don’t really lineup or some of the plugins cause trouble. But it serves my purposes and that’s all I really need it to do. Especially because it takes ten minutes to do what is for me personally two hours of coding. So I’m cool with that.

As such, I welcome you to my author wordpress site. I hope to have up more writing related content for my upcoming fantasy series, the first book titled, Adventurer’s Overture.

Until then, thank you for visiting.


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