The Religion of the Seven Gods

There are many religions all throughout the world, but the most practiced in Kameria is the religion that folllowed the seven gods. Each god represents each of the primary elements from which magic is taken as well as a concept that is studied by their followers.


The most mysterious of the religions, Time is a church that doesn’t participate much with followers. Following the teachings of Masmer, time priests and priestesses exist but no one’s quite sure where they congregate outside of events that call for followers of all faiths. Time is the only god that doesn’t sponsor a secondary concept.


Priests and priestesses that follow the goddess of darkness Duistas are most well known in the political circles. That is because the secondary concept is that of diplomacy. The followers of this religion are devoted to opening and maintaining the channels of communication between all the other sects as well as the communication with nobility and the public at large. They’re excellent orators and negotiators, working hard to keep everything running smoothly for all parties involved.


Those who follow the earth goddess Aarde are devoted to the land. The secondary concept of earth is growth and lots of priests and priestesses often give blessings to lands in need as well as raising animals and growing crops. Followers of the religion will often take paths involved in farming and floristry. The earth sect is the most popular one in South Kamerian which prays heavily to help with farming in the area.


Lietch the god of light is also the god of justice. Light priests and priestesses often act as arbitrators of law and specialize heavily in uncovering the truth and finding people if they go missing or commit a crime. Lots of their followers become guards and work in the military. Also they are the most effective finding and ridding people who are possessed by intruders.


The god of air Luft is also the god of commerce. His priests and priestesses can fly and will often deliver messages over long distances as needed. Their followers often become merchants. The air sect is the most mobile one, calling no one particular city home and instead traveling all over the kingdom to deliver information between other towns.


Aoiria is the goddess of water and her secondary concept is art. Her priests in particular specialize in the healing arts and are the most effective holy healers in Kameria. Other followers will often go into craft trade like baking, painting, sculpture and so on. All centers of prayer are open to the public for the sick and the wounded to seek aid.


The goddess of fire Teania’s secondary concept is knowledge. Her priests will often gather and catagorize as much information as possible from all the other sects. Other followers are often librarians, scholars and historians. Teania is the twin to Aoiria and the cities devoted to their names are the shortest distance from each other of any of the devoted cities.

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  1. Useful guide to the religions. I like the level of worldbuilding that this world has.

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