Art of Races – By InterfectorFactory


Hello! Today I have some lineart of the non-human races of Song of the Broken done by the talented InterfectorFactory (her website is here I’m going to do some of my own art, but I decided to ask for some with someone much more familiar with more animal based art and doesn’t it look lovely! Obviously this art isn’t available for use or reproduction for anything else. Also you can see more of Inferfector’s art on her deviantart page (she makes some impressive dinosaurs.)

I know the terms I used for these races are considered fantasy generic at this point, but I have my own vision, origins and culture in mind which is why I sent the designs in for commission.

This is only lineart because I’d like to encourage any watcher to color in the races if they like. I personally love doing coloring both digital and with colored pencils. If you’d like to share any, you can link it to comments on this posts. If not, well enjoy the art anyway.

Next part of chapter one of Adventurer’s Overture will be up on Tuesday, until then I hope you have a nice weekend.


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