Chapter 2: Might Tower Chapter 2: A Meeting at Might Tower Koichi had to stifle his yawn as he exited the morning train and started heading out the station. Despite the early hour the station was absolutely buzzing and he had to weave about to not be jostled too much.Continue Reading

Chapter 1 : Community Service “And that’ll do it.” Makoto all but sauntered out of the court building as Koichi followed behind. “With only a minimal amount of community service hours completed you will officially be registered with a full hero’s license.” “It’s not that big of a deal, Makoto.”Continue Reading

Chapter 186 I hit the first ANBU before their feet hit the ground. Badass elite shinobi or no, physics was on my side and they went flying into a nearby tree. Dread crept up on me as I tried to force jump backwards. It wasn’t fast enough. A weighted cordContinue Reading